Brent has been serving all of our communities since 1988 as an Active Duty United States Air Force member. Since retiring from his 21-year active duty career, Brent has brought his "service before self" values to the local community.  A lifelong advocate for youth sports and recreation opportunities, Brent has served as a football official, youth football coach, community volunteer, and two-time elected Blue Line Club board member and officer.  Brent also founded, coached, and served as initial president of the local lacrosse association, eventually taking his love for the game to a regional level by serving a term on the Minnesota Lacrosse Association as well as providing development advice and assistance to many budding regional programs throughout Northern Minnesota and the Dakotas. 


During his years as a University of North Dakota student, he served an internship with the East Grand Forks Parks and Recreation Office. After completion of his degree in Recreation and Tourism, he worked for Special Olympics North Dakota. Brent now continues his volunteer efforts with regional sports, while working full-time as a Materials Coordinator at New Flyer Industries in Crookston, MN. Brent is ready to serve as your representative in St. Paul to advocate for the policies that will keep our rural communities thriving today while preserving them for future generations to enjoy.

Stable Employment & Fair Wages

I am a union worker, I support the American labor movement and the rights of all workers.

  • The right of workers to organize and bargain collectively.  Comparable wage standards and pay equity.

  • A minimum wage that keeps pace with inflation provides full time workers with with an income above the poverty level.

  • Adequate compensation for injured workers

  • Programs to promote full employment.

  • Hiring Minnesotans for jobs created when state/local tax incentives are involved in development projects.

I Oppose:
  • The permanent replacement of striking workers

  • Sexual harassment in the workplace.

Living in Safe Communities

I believe in strong law enforcement policies combined with vigorous crime prevention programs that emphasize education, treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Protection of victims of crime through the mandatory arrest of domestic abusers and mandatory sentences for convicted rapists, as well as government-funded programs to house, treat, counsel and educate victims of abuse, rape or other violence.

  • Protection of children exposed to abuse or violence, with stiff penalties for child abusers.

  • Reasonable firearm policies that promote public safety and crime prevention without infringing on the rights of hunters and other sports en­thusiasts.

  • Enforcement of traffic safety laws, particularly against chemically impaired drivers.

  • Mandatory sentencing of drug dealers.

  • Abolition of capital punishment and freedom from unreasonable searches, seizures, and surveillance contrary to our unconstitutional rights.

Responsible Firearms Ownership

I am a firearms owner and hunter.  I was raised with a respect for firearms from as early as I can remember.  I took Minnesota Firearms Safety training when I was 12.  My kids each took that same course when they turned 12 and each own their own firearms and hunt.  My military background allowed me train with the weapons annually and I was required to maintain a proficiency.   My campaign has earned the Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate distinction recognizing my stance on firearm violence prevention and firearm safety.  I support:

  • Reasonable firearm policies that promote public safety and crime prevention without infringing on the rights of hunters and other sports en­thusiasts.

  • Background checks for ALL firearm purchases including guns show sales and person to person sales.

  • Keeping firearms out of the hand of domestic abusers

  • Red Flag Laws that would temporarily suspend access to guns by a person who poses a threat to him/herself or others.

  • Prohibit bump stocks

  • Funding firearms violence prevention research

  • Stopping permit-less carry (also known as constitutional carry)

  • Keep firearms out of schools and off college campuses

  • Stopping firearm trafficking and straw purchasing for resale

  • Promote responsible firearm storage and ownership.

For more background on these points and to see how you can make a difference too, please visit

Retiring with Dignity and Security

All Minnesotans have a right to a secure retirement.

  • The independent status of Social Security, with funds invested and used solely for the payment of benefits.

  • Full funding of Medicare and Medicaid

  • Full funding and protection of retirement programs

Quality Education

I believe a vigorous and universally available system of public education is basic to a productive, democratic society.

  • A strong system of public education at all levels, with stable equal educational opportunities.

  • Academic freedom, student faculty rights, and church-state separation in public school curriculum and ed funding.

  • Moderate class sizes and a safe, suitable environment for both students and teachers

  • A broad curriculum of liberal arts, technology, social issues, vocational, physical education.

  • High standards for teachers and compensation that reflects the responsibilities society places on them.

  • Effective services in the areas of health, counseling, careers, and nutrition.

  • Publicly accessible, high quality libraries systems.

  • High quality, well-funded post-secondary affordable for everyone.

  • Continuing and adult literacy programs.

Accessible and Affordable Healthcare

All people should have the opportunity to be self-sufficient, secure and healthy.  Cost-effective and adequately funded programs can help ensure these basic needs.

  • Nationally funded, community-based comprehensive and affordable healthcare for all. 

  • Services to children to ensure their healthy start in life.

  • Adequate provision for the needs of physically, mentally or emotionally challenged persons, including in-home and institutional care services.

  • Institutional and outpatient mental health programs and services that provide equal access, continuity of care, and protection  of patient rights.

  • Private and public funding for health care programs that include pregnancy care, family planning and abortions, regardless of age or income.

  • Expedited funding for AIDS and HIV research, and care for the afflicted.

  • Programs to assist displaced persons, including refugees, displaced homemakers, and the homeless.

  • Adoption of a single payer health care system

Supporting Agriculture

Growing up on the family farm and working the ground my father and my grandfather also worked was extremely important to me.  I will work to ensure all family farms will continue to be working, profitable endeavors.  Agriculture supports the rural economy and our way of life.

  • Advocate for the farmers when urban legislators bring rural proposals to the table.  Bring the rural knowledge to St. Paul. 

  • Look for ways to bring agricultural investment and value added initiatives to the district to enhance our product.

  • Bring more rural broadband to the district, connecting the farmer to the market and the market to the farmer.

  • Maintain access to quality healthcare and increase access to mental health for farm families.


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